Horicon Tiller    Waterhill ALF Ladder 104 
FDNY Superpumper Centre Hanover Seagrave 
Montvale N.J. Engine 1 Montvale N.J. M-21
Montvale N.J. M-4 Oaks, PA 63-42
Pennington Mack Rescue 1 Beaver Creek F-2100
Beaver Creek Ford Super Duty Collucoon Centre International
U.S. Department of Interior 1938 General Saddlebrook N.J. E4
Greenwood Lake, N.Y. Engine 4 Kelleher Conn. Engine 1 Mack CF
Yonkers, N.Y. Mack CF Aerialscope Circleville N.Y. Mack CF
Thornwood Brush Truck Litchfield Snorkel
Renesselaer ALF Truck 1 Woods King Maxim Engine 1
Greenfield Engine St. Cloud Seagrave
Schodack Landing Howe Allentown, PA Mack Aerialscope
Port Norris Hahn Newcastle Fire Co. #4  GMC
Oaklyn F.D. #1834 Mack CF Aerialscope Northfield Duplex Engine 2
Providence 1953 Pirsch Tiller Armenia Attack No. 1
Monona Piersch Midmount #523 Castleton Ladder 1
West Glenville E263 1949 Ward-LaFarance West Fulton 1975 Oren
Carmel N.Y. Oren Engine 12-2-2 Monhagen Maxim Engine 1
Stroudsbury, PA Pirsch Tiller Mack CF Aerialscope
Port Norries 1979 Hahn Engine 11 Unknown Mack CF
FDNY Searchlight #2 Old Saybrooke Mack
Broad Channel Ford Engine 212   Franklin Chevrolet Brush Truck
  Morganville 3500 gallon Mack Tanker 28-3-96   Geneva 75ft Mack CF
  Fort Montgomery Diamond REO   Vly-Atwood Engine 62-11
  Tonawanda Engine 3   Township of Maplewood 1922 ALF
  Eccounties N.J. Seagrave E54   Sound Beach Mack CF Engine 7
  Port Ewen Sanford   Stuyvesant Sanford
  Montgomery Truck 221   FDNY Foam 167 Mack CF
  New Hampton ALF   Great Neck  N.Y. ALF
  Baltimore Salvage Corps W3 1929 White   1951 Chief's vehicle


 Unionville N.Y. Jeep  Middletown N.Y. Engine 6
Collieville N.Y. Mack city service truck FDNY Mack CF 
  Fallsburg Tower Ladder   Amenia Union Fire District 1 International 
 Village of Plover Snorkle    Beaver PA American LaFrance Ladder 
  Mine Hill Engine   Springdale Conn. Ford Snorkle
  Harry Howard Tiller Snorkel  Escanaba City Service Truck
 Sussex County N.J. Training Academy Mini   Fort Montgomery, NY Chief 13-1
 Former Monticello N.Y. Engine owned by Glenn Kroll, Esq.   Howell's 1947 American LaFrance
  Woodbridge N.Y. Engine 4   West Brownsville Engine 3 American LaFrance
  West Hempstead Mack Rescue   Bay Shore Patrol 3-1-9 Mack
  Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads "Big Momma"   West Michigan American LaFrance
Shohola PA T364 Ford Unknown Oshkosh 18
Tonawanda Ward LaFrance Westhampton Township, NJ Ward LaFrance
Roselle PA, Engine Hamburg, PA Hahn
Lewiston, PA Rescue 15 Maxim Great Neck, Long Island N.Y. 1977 Mack CF
Westinghouse East Pittsburgh Works American LaFrance Ellenville, NY Engine 2 Mack CF
Pocantico Hills, NY Engine 1 Southfield Ladder
SFD E16 Maxim Pleasantville Engine 91 American LaFrance
Unknown Ford C Snorkel Kent N.Y. Ward LaFrance
Dolgeville Engine 137 American LaFrance Clarence N.Y. Seagrave Engine
Ocean Grove Ladder 601 Pirsch 1979 Oshkosh/LTI ladder
Redbank, NJ Truck 91 American LaFrance Curtisville Maxim Aerial
Natick, Mass Maxim Ladder   Lavallette Mack Truck 4
Sussex Fire Academy Engine 2   Norwalk Ladder 1 American LaFrance
HFD Ladder 9   Bloomsbury Engine 21 Hahn
  Unmarked Pirsch Tiller Ladder   Maplewood Engine 863 Pirsch
  Unknown Engine 5 FWD   Rye Brook Engine
SFD Engine 14 Maxim   Kiryat Joel, NY Seagrave Engine
  Unknown Maxim Tiller Ladder 3 Unknown Engine 7-1
  Dolgeville Truck 40 Seagrave Oxford Ladder 267 Seagrave
 West Fulton Fire District Engine 1721   Amenia N.Y. Attack No. 1
  Yorktown Heights Seagrave Ladder Beacon Hose Co. 1
  Spotswood Engine 5   Washington F.D. Engine Co. 1
Warwick N. Y. Chevrolet   Campbell Hall, N.Y. Engine
  Uniondale, NY Squad   Fort Montgomery, NY Engine 36 Diamond Reo
Fort Montgomery, NY Ford Engine   FDNY Engine 305 Mack C
  Monona Ladder 523 Pirsch   Madeira and Indian Hill Engine
New Brighton American LaFrance Snorkel  Middletown N.Y. Engine
  Pottersville, NJ Dodge Powerwagon   Winthrop Ladder 1 Pirsch
  Grafton Engine 58 M 2 Ward LaFrance   New York State Police Fury
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