Abandoned houses, NW25th Ave and NW 48th St., Miami Dade County, Florida December 27, 2008 


Junk yard fire, Blvd Metroplitain East, June 24, 2007


St. Laurent borough of Montreal September 24, 2005 5 alarm fire at 2211 Gold St. The building was a 4 story occupied apartment building. Numerous evacuations by ladder. The fire was reported to have started as a cooking fire on the 2nd floor.


Longueuil, Quebec July 5, 2005 5 alarm fire at 2375 de la Province. The building, which housed the head office and warehouse of a chain of home improvement stores was approximately 200 X 2000 ft. Media reports indicate that the fire started as a result of a chemical reaction. Damage was estimated to be in excess of $10 million. The building was a total loss.


Montreal, Quebec October 16, 2004 5-alarm fire at 7800 Chambord Street, corner of Tillemont in the Villeray district. 3-story occupied apartment building. Fire was likely of electrical in nature, started in the basement. The basement height varied from next to nothing toabout 4 ft high. The Pompiers Auxiliaires provided rehab support for approximately 10 hours from 5:00 AM until 3:00 PM.


Staten Island, New York City October 8, 2004 Box 2830, 3 Nahant St. 2-alarm fire in a single family dwelling. Residence was occupied and under renovation. Ceilings were apparently open with no sheetrock covering. Dispatch time 20:46. There were three occupants, a mother and two children ages 12 and 2. Apparently the children were playing birthday, the twelve year old would light the candles and the two year old would blow them out. They apparently left the room with candles not fully extinguished.  The mother and older child made it out on their own. The two year old was rescued by a retired firefighter who was watching his son play baseball in the park accross the street. The smoke was banking down when he managed to find a leg and drag the child out.

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