The following are links to some  fire related sites on the World Wide Web. There are literally thousands of such sites including thousands of individual department sites (official, unofficial and even individual stations). If you find any superb sights I would appreciate hearing about them. Please click on the following symbol to communicate directly with me. A great site for pictures of recent Montreal area fires. This site is updated even while the fire is being fought.
Code Rouge,a site dealing with the Montreal Fire Department (S.S.I.M.) (in French and English)
Association des Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Monteregie (in french)Volunteer rehab and victim care group serving 60+ municpalities on the south shore opposite Montreal.
Club Appel 99 The firebuff and rehab group serving the Quebec City fire service
Signal 51 Group, Shreveport, Louisiana 
International Fire Buff Associates Inc.
Society For the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America
Firehouse Magazine
Fire Find -The Firefighter's Search Engine
Newton Mass. Fire Dept.
Broughton Fire Station, Manchester UK  
Regional Firefighters Interpretation Center, Halifax, NS  




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