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The Pompiers Auxiliaires de Montreal ( Montreal Auxiliary Firemen) in conjunction with radioreference.com are now streaming  the online scanner of the Service Securite Incendie de Montreal Fire Department.

Click here to listen to   SIM MONTREAL FIRE SCANNER


November 25, 2018 West Island and Western Suburbs of Montreal Western
August 25, 2018 Texas Fire Museum Texas Fire Museum [Dallas]
August 23, 2018 Dallas Suburbs Dallas Suburbs
August 23, 2018 Dallas- Fort Worth Airport DFW
August 19, 2018 Dallas Texas Dallas
October 23, 2016 New photos from the Stronach collection of Montreal fire scenes Stronach Collection
December 31, 2015 Sundry British Columbia Vehicles British Columbia
December 24, 2015 Northern New York New York
December 24, 2015 Northern Vermont Vermont
November 15, 2015 Miami-Dade County Florida Miami-Dade
September 13, 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana
August 23, 2015 150th Anniversary parade of the Montreal Fire Department 150th Anniversary of SIM
July 5, 2015 Antiques and older vehicles Antique and older vehicles
June 28, 2015 New photos from Laval, Quebec Laval, Quebec
June 7, 2015 New photos of the Andy Leider Collection Andy Leider Collection
May 30, 2015 New FDNY photos FDNY




From the Stronach Photo Files is a new addition to the Firebuff-Montreal/Firebuff.org website and will showcase the fireground photographs of Ian Stronach.  From 1971 to 2000 Ian took thousands of photographs of fires and fire apparatus in Montreal, the surrounding areas and wherever around the world his work travels took him as the Manager of Fire Protection for Alcan Aluminum, the global aluminum company based in Montreal.  Ian also was the Canadian Correspondent for Firehouse Magazine from the 1982 to 1995.   Check out Ian's works at  From the Stronach Photo Files




See what CA Magazine (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants) had to say about this firebuff in the September 2009 Issue  by clicking Fire in his Belly 

Including thumbnails there are over 5,000 photos. Enjoy.

Photos of the new additions to the Montreal Fire Department fleet  can be found at Montreal Fire Department


Here are photos of the fire hydrants in my personal collection, click on the thumbnail for larger views:

Westmount,QC   St. Hubert, QC     Rouses Point, N.Y.        Pointe Claire, QC        Guelph, Ontario         Baltimore, Md.   St. Laurent, Qc

This is the website of a firebuff who lives in Montreal, Canada. My interest  in the fire service is of course very different from my daytime job. I am an accountant and management consultant. My friends and colleagues don't understand what firebuffing is and that I share this hobby with many others.

See what the Montreal Gazette had to say about this firebuff on January 18, 2002 by clicking Gazette Article


The goal of this website is to provide information to fellow firebuff's (and my friends and colleagues) and to share the knowledge and resources that are afforded by the World Wide Web.

This site is updated regularly. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please e-mail me with your suggestions, links and other materials at mdbindman@gmail.com





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