In simple terms a firebuff is someone who has an interest in the fire service. He or she may be a firefighter (career, paid on-call or volunteer) or a civilian. The following exerpts from the Code for Fire Buffing contained on the Website of the International Fire Buff Associates Inc.

"The above would indicate that today's Fire Buffs are basically students of the Science of Fire Fighting together with an active interest in a host of other activities designed to aid and promote their local Fire Departments."

"The purpose of a Fire Buff or Fire Fan organization in any community should be the banding together of a group of individuals sincerely interested in one or more of the following activities:

  • 1. To promote the general welfare of the Fire Service and allied emergency services in their particular area.
  • 2. To advance and promote among members the exchange of ideas and experiences, the discussion of subjects and cultivation of friendly social relations among those interested in the science of Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention and related emergency functions.
  • 3. To act as a citizens' public relations group for the Fire Department and combat unjust criticism or ridicule.
  • 4. To furnish, maintain and/or operate a Canteen Service for the Fire Department and allied emergency services at fires or other disasters.
  • 5. To act as a nucleus or advanced training group for officers of the Civil Defense or volunteer Fire Fighting Forces.
  • 6. To render such aid and assistance at fires or disasters, other than actual fire fighting, or to include fire fighting if so desired, that may be required or requested by the Fire Department Officer in charge. Fire Buffing has in many respects the same connotations as sport fans supporting their local teams whether it be baseball, basketball, football or hockey. "
  • The I.F.B.A. website contains a detailed description of fire buffs and their organizations. They estimate that in the United States alone there are more than 50,000 firebuffs, most of whom are not affiliated with any organization.

    There are many firebuff organizations in Canada and the United States. Please refer to the links section of this site for the Internet addresses of some of these groups. Also if any group would like to be listed please e-mail me at bindman@aei.ca.

    Firefighting paraphernalia collecting is a big pastime amongst fire buffs and firefighters alike. I for one collect fire department t-shirts,patches and baseball caps. Please jump to my collecting page for more about my collecting. A very big trade exists in fire department patches. There are many collectors and traders on the Internet and at fire musters and flea markets.

    Another fire buff organization is dedicated to collecting and preserving fire apparatus. Their umbrella organization is the Society For the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America (S.P.A.A.M.M.F.A.A.) and consists of groups of collectors. They can be reached at SPAAMFAA Homepage.



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